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Geo Applets FAQ

Do I have to pay to use the applets?

You can use them free of charge if your site is non commercial. If your site is commercial the purchase of a license is required.

Is my site commercial?

If your site advertises or sells products or services or if you have people who get paid for creating or maintaining your site, it is considered commercial.

How can I purchase a license?

There are many ways available. Click here for more information.

What do I do when an applet doesn't work?

First make sure that you have read of the documentation that accompanies each applet carefully. Now some other things that you must take into consideration.

If you still have a question send me an email, reporting your problem in great detail , e.g. your browser, your Operating System, your html code, and if possible an example or a URL where I can see the problem. Also check my java page in which I post updated versions regularly..

Can I change ALL the parameters?

Yes except for Author and Email. Author and Email do not affect your applet as long as they stay as they are. Someone will see them only if he looks at html source. As I say in the license agreement, Author and Email must not be changed. If they are changed the applets stop working because I have made them work like that. These parameters constitute an acknowledgement to the author.

Why this applet doesn't work on X browser?

Although I tried and succeeded my applets to work with all the latest versions of browsers you cannot expect to work on all browsers. Internet Explorer 4 works with all. Netscape 3.04 or later should work with all except for those who need full java 1.1 support. You need a java 1.1 patch for this.

Can I make a suggestion or comment?

I am always open to comments and suggestions(even unfavorable ones). Send me an email. If I find something interesting I will implement it, but I don't know if I will have the time to do it.

© Copyright 1998 by George Eleftheriou