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SlideShow free applet

Clayton Roberts
The SlideShow free applet displays a photograph and associated description text. The text is automatically wordwrapped.
You don't have java! Why don't you get: Microsoft Explorer

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java applet parameters

<APPLET CODE="SlideShow.class" WIDTH=610 HEIGHT=390>
<param name="caption" value="--- SlideShow---">
<param name="totalimages" value="3">
<param name="imagebase" value="Photo_">
<param name="imagetype" value="gif">
<param name="text1" value="Each photo can have its own text.
The text word wraps along the boundary of its field.">
<param name="text2" value="The photos and text
are specified within html parameters.
This facilitates ease of creation and maintenance.">
<param name="text3" value="Free-Applets has
free java applets useful for embedding into
your web pages and is dedicated to helping you succeed
without regard to race, religion or politics.">

java applet explanation

To use the SlideShow free java applet, I
  • Step 1: Downloaded and extracted into my web page directory. IMPORTANT: All file and folder names must be preserved exactly as zipped.
  • Step 2: Viewed SlideShow.html with my java enabled browser.
Photos can be both gif and jpg.

java applet parameter values

caption (Default null)
String to display within the applet.
totalimages (Default 0)
Total number of images to display.
Photo file names prefix. The SlideShow applet presumes a series
of identically named photos (ie: imagebase = photo_ implies that photos are named photo_1, photo_2, ..., photo_N where N = totalimages.
Photo file name extension. Currently supports GIF or JPG.
text1 (Default null)
Text associated with the first image.
text2 (Default null)
Text associated with the second image.
textN (Default null)
Text associated with the Nth image wherein N = totalimages.

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