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Omni Scroller 2 Applet Documentation

Version 1.1 release (13 September 98)

ęCopyright George Eleftheriou 1998


License Agreement

You may use this program free of charge only for Non Commercial purposes. Please read the license agreement for non commercial sites. If your site is commercial you need to purchase a license. Please read the license agreement for commercial sites.

Applet Overview

Omni Scroller 2 Applet is a small and fast loading applet that scrolls arbritrary number of text messages in any of the four directions: UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, or makes text fade in and out. The difference with omni scroller is that text can come in and out from different directions and stays centered for a specified time. Each text message can be associated with a URL. Font size, font name, font style, background and text color, speed of scrolling are fully customizable.

Applet files

Applet Parameters
Important note: When you name your frames, don't start their name with "_". IE4 has a problem with that.

Explanation of Applet Tags

Each applet is characterised by a pair of tags: "<applet>" and "</applet>". The applet must be contained in the body section of the html document. The applet tag must at least specify the "CODE", "WIDTH", and "HEIGHT" modifieres. In addition it can have other modifiers like "CODEBASE" and parameters. For example

<APPLET CODE="MyApplet.class" CODEBASE="." WIDTH="100" HEIGHT="100">

<PARAM NAME="FileName" VALUE="message.txt">

Your browser doesn't support Java or Java is not enabled.


Other things to note: Class names are case sensitive. "MyApplet.class" is different from "MyAPPLET.class". Class files are binary files and should be uploaded in binary mode. The applet tags can be written in lower or uppercase characters. CODE is the same as code or Code.


The best way of learning how applets work is to see at the examples and play with the values of parameters.

Browser compatibilty

This applet works with all major browsers. It has been tested with Netscape Navigator 3.04, Netscape Communicator 4.04 and Internet Explorer 4.

ęCopyright 1998 by George Eleftheriou